Monday, 22 November 2010

FUNDRAISING FOR ASAP AND FASHION SHOW 2011 -bag packing in Marks and Spencers, Northwich - Friday 12th November 2010.

Claire packing away the wine!

Laura ready for the next customer.

Lisa in action.

Andrea waiting for bags.

We were very grateful to Marks & Spencers, their generous customers and all students who helped on the day.  We managed to raise a grand total of £327.75!!

Fundraising for ASAP & Fashion show 2011.... November 2010

Friday 5th November... Henna Party

For this fundraising event we organized a day where you could get a Henna tattoo and various indian traditional foods, with the help of Sehrish and her sisters, we had a very successful day.
Raising a massive £91.50 

Here pictured Sehrish with her sisters

Some Henna's

Yummy Indian foods, samosa's, bombay mixes, indian sweets and little extras we made for sale, keyrings and headbands.

Close up view of some beautiful Henna tattoos.