Sunday, 13 February 2011

FROCK SWAP 2011...

As part as our fundraising for the Mid Cheshire College Fashion Show 2011 we organized a frock swap event.
We collected a lot of stock from people donating their unwanted clothes for us to use in this event ranging from evening wear to casual and smart tailored outfits. We set about firstly finding our venue which we got at Blakemere Crafts Centre down to the top student Andrea White and her connections. This included a large sized room with a bar and balcony and an area for a changing room facility.

To theme the day we used a button currency which works as well as exchanging clothes, so upon arrival consumers had the choice of bringing clothes with them which we priced up in a value of buttons which was then their currency to buy our stock. Any amounts which exceeded their valuation they payed the difference in GBP.

In our advertisement we included an admission fee of £1 and offered an alteration/customization service to bring more appeal and to show our skills as fashion students.

On the day we arranged the room to a comfortable browsing setting with lots of space and using clothes rails to hang garments and tables displaying folded knitwear, trousers and tops, scarfs and bags and pretty boards hanging jewelry.   

To add more of an interest to the day we also displayed our collections from the 2010, video playing from the fashion show and information about the ASAP charity. We put two garments from each collection on mannequins and placed our achievement award we received - The Reloved Young Designer of the year!

The day was a great success with a healthy show of customers taking part exchanging garments. We finished the day making  £90 profit! All of the stock we have left over now are going to be sold as a second hand clothes sale!